Michelle(Marie) Obama(Antoinette)?

Summertime, and the living is easy, at least that’s what Michelle Obama thought when she decided to take daughter, Sasha on a trip to Spain. Little did she consider how right wing kooks would interpret going to Spain in the summer while millions of Americans can’t even go to Six Flags this summer with the kids. Right wing media has unleashed a torrent of criticism concerning a trip that included lunch with the King and Queen of Spain at which Michelle tasted; Andalusian style chilled gazpacho soup, chargrilled turbot, veal escalopes with mustard, oriental rice with sauted mushrooms. And, rather than staying in two or three star hotels as do most Americans, Michelle had to park her body in a 7 star hotel which cost $7,000 a night. Of course, the Secret Service selected the hotel. Most probably this is another of those storm in a teacup episodes in American politics.

However, perhaps, Mrs. Obama might have reflected on the current situation in which so many millions of people are desperate and are cutting back on summer activities for their own children. A trip to someplace in continental America would have resonated with Americans. There are times when the powerful have to be cognizant of how the powerless feel.

Oh, Michelle, after assuming office in March, 1933, Mrs. Roosevelt had a party at which hot dogs were served. In the midst of the Depression, she had to entertain the visiting King and Queen of England– once again, hot dogs were served. Got the point, Mrs. Obama?