Middle East Meeting To Discuss Meetings

As we write, leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority are meeting to discuss the issue of meetings. After all, they have met, they have sent letters, they have sent President Obama letters and emails and they are now ready to meet in order to ascertain the issue of whether meetings lead to peace or do meetings lead to meetings. Let’s face reality. Every time these men meet they invariably conclude this meeting was just not the right time to meet. Why not cut to the chase? Why not cut out the middle man? How about using this meeting with President Obama to discuss the importance of summoning a summit meeting of all leaders in the Middle East to discuss the entire issue of meetings. They might even elect a meeting chairman who chairs meetings where the agenda is blank. We could have a chairman of meetings where the agenda is announcing to the world, “although we have not reached any final accord, we are moving ahead.”

In fact we could establish a Cabinet position in both the Israel and Palestinian government whose main job would be to plan meetings. Each time they plan a meeting, they could announce there was a successful meeting.