Middle East Muddle Continues

There is one certainty in life when anything connected with the Middle East is raised-an American diplomat will urge Palestinians to come to a bargaining table that is tilted in the direction of Israel concerns. Secretary of State John Kerry wants President Abbas who heads the Palestinian Authority to sit down and talk with Israeli leaders. Kerry promised to unveil a new plan that would provide Palestine with  $4 billion in economic aid to jump start the economy and dramatically reduce unemployment for Palestinians. He urged President Abbas, “shouldn’t we really dance around the table? Let’s sit  together. You’ll be surprised how much can be achieved in  open, direct and organized meetings.”

Palestinians for the past several years HAVE agreed to meetings. Abbas simply has asked Israeli leader Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to halt further settlement on the West Bank until there IS an agreement. Yes, let everyone sit   down and talk, just quit stealing land from Palestinians and any meeting room will be filled with people!