Middle East Needs Peace, Not Photo Ops With Rice

The Lebanon Daily Star in a caustic editorial ripped into Condi Rice for believing photographs were evidence that something actually was happening in the Middle East to foster peace. She was recently quoted in The New York Times as saying: “I watched the president standing in front of an American and Afghan flag, and I thought, the American president can now stand in front of an American and Iraqi flag, an American and Lebanese flag, and American and Palestinian flag. I think in six years to have helped to foster these changes, even if they’re incomplete, even if they’re tough, even if there’s still work to be done — just think about those pictures.” The editor thought a major problem is Rice equating photographs for progress.

Condi Rice is the problem, not the solution. She lacks any grasp of the complexities of resolving problems because to her, having a photo of two opposing people is evidence a solution is at hand. I find it strange she did not refer tot he photo of Bush on an aircraft carrier boasting, “Mission Accomplished.”