Middle Eastern Shuffle

These days it is difficult identifying what exactly is occurring in Middle Eastern nations. Turkey is warning its former buddy, Syria, to behave and cease violating human rights while inside Turkey, anyone who dissents from the official line about Kurdish rights may well find themselves in jail. President Bashar al-Assad murders his countrymen only to discover that old fashioned sheiks and petty dictators in Gulf States warn him about respecting the right of dissent! Egyptian military leaders who fear Muslim extremists do  their best to empower Muslim extremists.

Meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to discuss peace with President Abbas who wants peace and hanging around on the outside is Hamas, the supposed center of  terrorism which announced it would not use violence, would accept the 1967 boundary with Israel and work with the Palestinian Authority. Naturally, such words of peace met with violent reactions from Israel leaders.

Who knows what tomorrow brings to the Middle East. Perhaps, we will awake to discover that Iraq is going to war against Saudi Arabia or Yemen wants to invade Jordan. Anything is possible in the Middle East. Just hang around for the next furor.