Middle Eastern Slavery Exists!

Leaders of Middle Eastern Muslim nations are quick to condemn Israel for abusing the people of Palestine, However, these same leaders head societies in which thousands of women are held as virtual slaves of abusive employers. For decades, men and women from Asian nations have come to the Middle East in order to find employment as maids or workers. Young women from the Philippines or Sri Lanka or Bangladesh or a host of other societies in which a vast pool of unemployed exist are forced to work seven days a week from dawn to dusk, and all too often denied access to diplomats from their own country. A Philippine Embassy worker in Kuwait was assaulted by five men on Embassy grounds who were seeking the return of some women who escaped bondage. The attack occurred at the entrance to the Embassy when five men attempted to grab the women and in the process physically attacked them and Embassy officials.

The women had escaped from their employers by tying bed sheets in order to make a rope. “Jenny” said she had not been paid since January while “Maria” insisted she had not been paid since April. Both claimed they had been subject to brutality including torture from their employer and his wife.”They would also hit our head against the concrete wall.” Naturally, the employers have pressed charges of “theft.” Their normal work day began at 5:00 a.m. and continued until 2:00 a.m. the next morning.

What was that about abusive Israelis?