Mike Prefers Mike And Money

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, and now a highly paid commentator on Fox News, decided he owed more allegiance to Fox News, or should we say to the money coming from Fox News, than to the toils and tribulations of seeking the presidency of the United States of America. “All the factors say go, but the heart says no” was his comment of the day. Of course, when one is earning enough money to build a $2.2 million home it is sort of difficult settling for a home in Washington D.C. on a salary that is nowhere near what is currently being earned. Mike is from Arkansas, a rather poor state. but now he lives in a different state of cash. Frankly, he is among the few Republican candidates who actually has a sense of humor, something sorely lacking in folks with names like Mitch or Mitt or Newt. None of these men have a solid name such as, Mike.

Mike can devote the next two years gabbing on a mike, smiling as he watches Mitt and Mitch and Newt and Sarah and Michele making fools of themselves. Mike might be an old Arkansas farmer type, but he knows where the pot of gold is. And, it ain’t running for president!