Mike Tyson: Enjoying Criminal Life

There are occasions in my life when I wonder if this planet Earth is composed of two levels, one for those with money and one for the rest of us. They send a boy from a poor family who stole ten dollars in a bodega to jail for five years while they send a man who stole one hundred million from investors to a luxury jail for about sixty days. Society does not wish to impede his return to action in stealing and swindling from ordinary folk. They send a company executive to pay a fine, no jail time, for producing material that might cost a human life. And, there is always Mike Tyson, born poor but able to become rich and famous. He was accused of raping a woman, and went to jail. While in a cell, Mike received dozens of visitors in his jail cell–just like the other criminals. Mike now claims while in his cell “I was having so much sex that I was too tired to even go to the gym and work out.

Oh, one of the women he bedded in the cell was a drug counselor. He did send her $10,000 to fix the roof of her home. Isn’t it wonderful to go to jail–IF YOU ARE FAMOUS!