Milan CIA Chief Convicted Of Kidnapping!

it is doubtful if the United States can end the legacy of Bush without coming to grips with violations of law, torture and other brutalities that were characteristic of those who held important positions in the Bush administration. An Italian judge heard testimony how American CIA agents, working with local Italian personnel, seized Osama Moutafa off the streets and sent him to be tortured in a Cairo jail. the judge ruled that Robert Lady could be tried in his absence and convicted. His superior, Jeff Castelli, head of the CIA in Italy could not be tried due to diplomatic immunity. Two Italian intelligence officers were sentenced to three years in jail. Apparently, Omar originally was grabbed by Italian police who turned him over to the Americans.

President Obama continues insisting it would be “divisive” if Americans who tortured and ignored he law were placed on trial. I assume President Obama would also be against putting on trial members of the KKK who lynched Negroes because it was “divisive.”