Militants Pouring Into Pakistan From Afghanistan

Militants engaged in fighting against Pakistani army forces increasingly are coming from Afghanistan. After years of complaints from the United States and the Afghan government about failure to fight tribal groups and militants in the northwest, Pakistan now confronts the reality of insurgents receiving support including weapons from sources in Afghanistan. Pakistani military leaders believe they are dealing with militants who were in Afghanistan but have crossed the border to fight in Pakistan. American forces have launched several military strikes into Pakistan which have resulted in both the deaths of militants and civilians. One Pakistani official complained, “heavy weapons are coming(in). The militants are coming… they are crossing into our territory.”

It is easy for the Bush administration to constantly complain about failure on the part of Pakistani armed forces to handle militants, but one must not forget the entire problem was created by Bush when he failed to complete the task of 2001-2002 to crush the Taliban and capture Osama bin Laden.