Militants Run Wild In Pakistan

The government of Pakistan often presents itself as a country divided in which as one group proclaims its opposition to militants, its double is joining them to attack itself. A group of gunmen, some dressed in police uniforms, attacked a police academy in Lahore and before the carnage was over there were dead police as well as several of the attackers. The attack is believed to have been planned by Pakistan Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, a man with whom the Pakistan government a few weeks ago arranged for a truce. It is clear the goal of these attacks is to destabilize the country and compel the Pakistan army to make a decision — does it represent the nation of Pakistan or is it merely an arm of militants?

At least 70 policemen were wounded in the attack by men who were young, bearded and prepared to die for the greater glory of the Taliban. Some TV scenes showed police crouching behind walls and not actively engaged in doing any fighting. Of the eight dead gunmen, two blew themselves up after being wounded. Police did capture about six of the attackers.

Pakistan spokespeople claim a foreign hand was behind the attack and one can only deduce the foreign hand must be India. Why Muslim militants who are willing to commit suicide would be involved in an Indian planned attack is rather bewildering. There is no doubt the men were trained and if they were trained by the same group which help plan the attack on Mumbai it means the Pakistan ISI intelligence group had a hand in planning an attack on itself.