Military Academies And Sexual Predators

There is no longer any doubt that those who lead our military forces begin during their residence in our military academies behavior which sanctions sexual abuse of women who seek the role of being an officer. Sexual harassment is common, and our generals sanction this behavior by turning away from imposing penalties on those who engage in such behavior. A new study of military academies reveals that athletes believe it is their right, both as athletes and potential officers, to harass and abuse female members of the academy. The culture of harassment begins in these supposedly centers of morality and learning. Two thirds of sexual harassment incidents occur at the Air Force Academy. The rugby team at West Point was disbanded because its members refused to cease harassing female candidates. INn 41 od 70 harassment cases, females backed down from pursuing their charges–why, is the question.

US Senators are engaged in a dispute as to how to solve this problem. Some want to take away the power to review sexual abuse cases from generals and place it in the hands of an impartial commission. Reality is that old school ties prevent many generals from being objective, plus, few have any legal training. It is wonderful that our military academies have excellent athletic teams, but future officers have the responsibility to become mature individuals who respect the rights of females who now constitute an ever increasing number in the armed forces.