Military Action Is A Symptom Not A Solution

The Bush administration from day one of its escapades in Afghanistan and Iraq has operated on the assumption the use of military forces would solve problems. Barack Obama has now bought into the call for “more troops” in Afghanistan as a way to end the Taliban insurrection against the government of Afghanistan. At the core to dealing with any insurgency is winning over the people of a nation and this requires military, economic, social and political action. A first step in moving away from focusing on the military is confronting the needs of Afghanistan’s farmers. We call for”
1. Purchase the entire opium crop from Afghanistan farmers at the same time as farm experts work with them to shift towards other productive forms of farming.
2. Encourage the establishment of business zones which would be heavily guarded and offer jobs to Afghan’s population.
3. Work to establish a modern form of education. As part of education pay Afghan parents for each child who is enrolled in school. This would make the attendance of girls at school a financially beneficial part of Afghan family life and make female education important for the financial lives of parents.
4. Finally, get serious and train, pay, and supervise the establishment of a new Afghanistan army. It is criminal that after SEVEN YEARS there still is no effective Afghan fighting force.
5. Get serious about corruption in the Aghan govenment.

Here are five steps that could begin turning around the situation in Afghhanistan.