Military Dehumanization

Bradley Manning is a private in the United States Marine Corps. He has been charged with release of thousands of documents that became known as Wikileaks. He is of slight build, he is not a man one would fear in a physical encounter, he has never been connected to any form or group of terrorism, but the US Military fears this man is dangerous. He was sent to a maximum security prison and kept in isolation. Chief Warrant Officer 5 Abel Galavitz who is the Marine Corps’ top correctional administrator that Manning was subject to treatment that was not in accord with procedures.

Manning was stripped naked each night to prevent a suicide. He was forced in the evening to stand at attention naked and the sergeant who made this decision also told soldiers, “you should be taking his p anties right before he lays down.”

Two psychiatrists recommended the severity of punishment be lessened but the military insisted he was a sucidie risk. For some reason being gay is associated with a risk of sucide. Among the charges against Manning is release of a video showing a helicopter crew gunning down 11 men including a reporter.

Yes, Manning is the terrorist!