Military Industrial Empire Grows

In his farewell speech, President Eisenhower in 1960 warned the American people that a military/industrial power was exerting considerable power in the United States of America and the nation had to curtail this important new force in our history. it becomes increasingly clear similar alliances of military and business people are interfering with the creation of democratic societies in Asia.

In a recent book, Dr.Ayesh Siddiqa explores the growth in influencer of Pakistan’s military industrial complex. The armed forces now run businesses in Pakistan that are worth over $6 billion and continue to use the power of military threats to gain control over areas of land as well of businesses. A similar process is unfolding in Indonesia, and even the Turkish military is actively engaged in running business establishments. The military domination of business adds to the problems of creating viable democratic societies because there is a feudal style to the entire operation. Generals can amass fortunes which encourages them to seek maintaining power or getting relatives into key military posts. The military/industrial complex can prove beneficial to each party but it does impair the ability of entrepreneurs to function since they require assurances from military leaders in order to foster their creative talents.

I do not recall any statement from President Bush or neo-conservatives about this danger which may a greater threat to establishing democracy than terrorist activities.