Military Junta Dilly Dallies While Burmese Die!

Five days have passed in Myanmar and still its military junta leaders hestiate, dwadle, and refuse to initiate a major campaign of bringing aid to thousands of their own citizens who suffer without food or water. Upwards of over a million people may be homeless but the thugs who run Burma refuse to give complete assistance to UN efforts of relief. Richard Horsey, speaking in Bangkok for the UN, said: “bascally, the entire lower delta region is under water. Teams are talking about bodies floating aroound in the water.” Andrew Kirwood, head of Save the Children, speaking from Yangon, sad, “Many people are getting sick. the whole place is under salt water and there is nothing to drink. they can’t use tablet to purify salt water.”

The UN said Myanmar had finally authorize an airplane to bring UN aid supplies to cyclone victims. But, permission was still pending for a UN coordianting team to accompany the flight so they could get to Myanmar and assess the situaiton.

Officials in India said they had warned Myanmar’s leaders the cyclone was headed their way and they should take protective measures. Many Yangon residents say there were given vague and incorrect information about the approaching storm and no instructions on how to cope when it struck. The United States offered to send ships to help gather the bodies but the Myanmar junta most probably will not allow a foreign military to enter its territory. Its major concern at this time is proceeding with its referendum to ratify a constitution it wrote. Who are these people who run Burma?

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    Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of the junta? Its long over due – and it sounds like they may have actually let some foreign aid workers in.