Military Myths About China And US

Once again, the Pentagon has sounded the bells of terror by issuing a report concerning the growing strength of China’s armed forces. We can rest assured that if all conflict ended tomorrow in the Middle East, the Pentagon would be marshaling evidence of a “Chinese threat” which will unloose terrorists at each and every Chinese take-out restaurant. After all, no one checks what those Chinese put in the rice, do they? Pentagon sources are concerned about China building ballistic missiles that could fire 1,500 miles into the Pacific and hit an American aircraft carrier. OK, so they can sink an aircraft carrier, does that mean they will?? The US military budget is close to $800 billion while the Chinese is close to $200 billion. In other words, the US spends four times as much on its military, but according to the Pentagon, the nation which spends a fraction of our military budget is a threat to US security. The report argued China was developing the capability of invading Taiwan. Of course, at present, the Chinese government has excellent trade relations with Taiwan, Chinese businessmen invest money on that island and tourists go back and forth. So, why would China initiate a war?

American hubris is once again in action. We spend more money than all the world’s military budgets put together, but if a nation increases their military budget, we shout and declaim about a new “threat.” China is not a threat to the US, hell, its trade is too great to destroy in the name of war.