Military Supports Anti-War Candidates!

Senator John McCain insists his views on fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan represent the ideas of our fighting men and women, but recent figures on which candidate is receiving the most financial donations indicates the Arizona senator lags far behind. Between January through March of this year, anti-war candidate Ron Paul received the largest amount of money donated by military personnel, a total of $201,271. According to Jesse Benton, speaking for Rep. Paul: “I think they’re sick and tied of being sent overseas on these police actions and getting caught in the middle of these civil wars, and want someone like Ron Paul speaking sense.”

Senator John McCain received $132,133, but, his major Democratic opponent, Senator Barack Obama, received nearly one-third more money by obtaining $178,456. Senator Hillary Clinton received $85,000. Massie Ritsch, of the Center for Responsive Politics noted: “To see to anti-war candidates getting more money from the people fighting the war or providing support for the war effort was surprising to us.”

The figures are based on donations of at least $200 so it is possible those sending in $10 or $25 might be supporting Senator McCain. The bottom line is there has been a notable switch on the part of many servicemen away from complete support for Republicans who toe the Bush line. I guess most servicemen and women simply don’t want to be fighting in Afghanistan ten or twenty or a hundred years from now.