Military Trials And Tribulations Of Republicans

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the Republican Party under the leadership of President George Bush told the American people it was necessary to engage in a war in Afghanistan and one in Iraq in order to save our women from being raped by Muslim terrorist men and our children forced to pray at mosques. Ah, that was a long time ago before 5,000 Americans died and we spent over a trillion dollars in order to pursue these aims. But, today the Republican party has gotten religion. Newly elected Tea Party folk insist it is necessary to cut the military budget. Of course, these same Tea Party people were the ones who shouted with glee when Bush began those wars and blamed “liberals” for having defeatist attitudes. I guess Tea Party followers have now become liberals when it comes to issues of the military. Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, says: “It is time to get serious about preserving the country for our posterity. The mentality that certain programs are ‘off the table’ must be taken off the table.” In fact, leading opponent of spending, Ron Paul is now allying with liberal Democrats in order to close military bases.

The rhetoric of cutting the military budget sounds alluring, but when it comes to ending programs that provide jobs for people in one’s congressional district, shouts of “cut the budget” might be replaced by, “I meant cut the programs in your district, not mine!” Senator John McCain is already sighing in disbelief that his beloved military might receive less money.

Oh, if I support cutting the military does that make me one of those Socialist Liberals who is against defending America?

P.S. We support cuts in the military. They should begin by reducing expenditures to build fighter planes that have no enemy planes to confront or ships that will never engage in combat with an enemy ship.