Millions Of Dollars To Oppose Health Care Reform

The American healthcare industry is pouring untold millions into the effort to prevent a new health insurance plan that would meet the needs of all Americans. Over the past several months an estimated $380 million has been used to convince the public that a government run health care program would end decent health in America. There are about six registered lobbyists for every member of Congress and they use political donations, advertising and other tactics to hold back any effort to create a sensible health care system in America. The largest contribution which is close to $1,5 million has gone to the chair of the committee working on the health care bill.

According to Dr. Steffie Woolhander from Harvard, “It’s a total victory for the health insurance industry What the bill has done is to use the coercive power of the state to force people to hand over their money to a private entity which is the private insurance industry. This is not what people were promised.”

Barack Obama has failed his first real test of leadership. When the wealthy opposed the New Deal, President Roosevelt ran against the wealthy. When the healthcare industry used its power, President Obama gave in. Stand up and fight, President Obama!

  • anonymous

    It’s a total victory for the health insurance industry …
    No, it is wrong, it is a total victory for the free market, for the capitalism, for the honest American people