He was a ten year old boy who fled with his parents from Iraq to the safety of Sweden. He was active in sports, loved basketball, went to parties, drank alcohol and even partied with girls. A decent student, he left Sweden for England to attend college and major in sports therapy. Abdel Wahab met a nice Muslim girl, they married and had two sons. Neighbors said he was a familiar sight walking with the boys like any loving father. People at his mosque were shocked to learn their friend and fellow worshipper had somehow become transformed into a suicide bomber. Sweden’s Intelligence agency, SAPO had no knowledge linking him to any terrorist group or action. He was Abdul Wahab to his neighbors and friends, a nice guy, a nice husband, and a loving husband.

But, last weekend he loaded a car with explosives, sent emails to SAPO saying, “now your children, daughters and sisters die like our brothers and sisters die in Iraq.” He blew up the car, he blew up himself, but his dream of many dying never occurred. A man died and a few were wounded. Questions remain: Who is Abdel Wahab and why did he kill himself in order to kill others?