Mind Your Legs!

I am a child of the New York City subways, trolleys and buses so the issue of “space” has loomed large in my life. As a teenager, the wonder of being thrust against the body of a woman at rush hours sent a certain part of my body upward in time and space. Ah, to cop a feel of a woman due to her body crashing into mine, was the highlight of my day. The situation in Turkey is somewhat different. Men sit with legs drawn far apart in order to show women they have something in the center which rises with each glance in their direction. This has resulted in a growing mass movement by Turkish women: “Don’t Occupy My Space” and “Mind Your Legs”

Turkish women have gone on the offense and now use their phones to take pictures of the bearded ones with legs thrust apart in order to make their face known throughout the world. I always thought that Turkish men were conservatives who did not wish women to display too much of their bodies, but I guess it is OK to raise the flag between your feet.


    Firstly, I really agree feminist in Turkey organized this
    campaign .The campaign. Women aim to create awareness against to men who ignore
    women rights. They aim to announce their voice against to this abuse. It is not
    just a campaign; also it is a fight about women rights. No matter how, no
    matter where men can sit without attention with ignoring women’s comfort. In
    fact when women warn to them, men do not change their seat style. It should be
    minor issue, but if we do not start this minor instance we can give all of our
    rights. When men sit, women must try to space little area. This campaign has a
    positive direction that it provides to give some power women who do not voice,
    feel power themself. Men see themselves that they have all right. They have
    rights in every area and space! We should give import such little events for
    women rights, we want to save women’s rights. DON’T OCCUPY MY SPACE!