Mineral Deposits Discovered In Afghanistan

Perhaps, old George Bush knew something back in 2001 when he decided to invade Afghanistan that other Americans did not know about. A team of Pentagon officials and American geologists have discovered huge deposits of minerals that can transform Afghanistan into among the wealthy nations of the world. They discovered huge deposits of iron, copper cobalt, gold, and probably the world’s greatest supply of lithium which is needed in most modern technological devices. On learning the news, General Petraeus declared; “there is a stunning potential here.” In other words, American business interests can make gobs and gobs of money. Of course, to make that money it requires the US armed forces to protect any mining exploration.

OK, so how about reaching out to the Taliban and offering them a 20% cut in the mining development plus the right to identify an area in Afghanistan where they can impose Sharia law? If money truly “talks” let it talk for peace and prosperity. On the other hand, President Obama could declare we Americans are entitled to a share in the profits–and by, “we Americans,” I mean the US government. He