Mirror, Mirror On Wall, Is David Cameron Fairest Of All?

The people of the United Kingdom are nearly at the finish line and by this weekend the world will know who they judge to be the fairest in the land and the one deserving of being their next prime minister. Of course, there may be a “winner” for the night, but in daylight the winner will understand that he lacks a majority in Parliament and must request the fair maidens who came behind him to get behind him and allow the gallant prince to secure the title of prime minister of the realm. David Cameron’s Conservative party apparently has 33% of the electorate, but right behind is the Labor Party at 28% and the Liberal Democrats at 28%. When all is said and done, Nick Clegg who heads the Liberal Democrats will determine who shall be the new prime minister.

Clegg will not demand a king’s ransom to throw his vote to Cameron, but he will insist on a new process of electing that is based on proportional representation instead of the current system which allows winner to take all in a district. Perhaps, it is time for democracy to rear its head in merry England.