Miss America Misses Her Opponent

The Republican Party has a rendevous with defeat if it continues policies of division and hatred within this nation. Erika Harold, former Miss America, entered the primary race against Congressman Rodney Davis in order to secure the nomination for Congress in Urbana, Illinois. Congressman Davis realized he had better speak up after county GOP leader in central Illinos blasted Ms. Harold. He denounced Miss Harold by noting she was biracial and acted like a “street walker” but she could “fill a law firm’s minority quota.” Mr. Allen’s comments did not register happily for Congressman Davis who realized these forms of  comments only reinforced beliefs that Republicans are bigots at heart.

Apparently, it is beginning to come to the attention of normal Republicans the old days of insults and derision toward minorities will not win elections. He told the media “there are no excuses for his behavior. I am not making any. I sure hope it doesn’t affect my campaign.” Why not check with Mitt Romney.