Missiles And Missiles- What About Them?

Almost two decades ago when the Soviet Union collapsed, there was hope it also marked the end of concern about missile attacks, but recent events suggest, old fears have become new ones. Iran launched what was considered to be a successful missile which went over one thousand miles, a sufficient distance to impact either Europe or Israel. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates noted it was still unclear if the missile actually hit an intended target. At the same time, President Obama and Gates were debating the need to pursue George Bush’s idea for a missile defense system in eastern Europe which is strongly opposed by Russia.

The Czech Republic government which agreed to cooperate on a missile system has fallen and most opinion polls indicate most Czechs do not want to have anything to do with missile systems in their nation. The intelligent process is to invite Russia to become partners in an anti-missile system that protects it from attack as well as Europe. Of course, why would Iran launch a missile attack knowing full well it would result in a barrage of missiles pounding its own country?