Missiles Away!

Pakistan has missiles, India has missiles, Iran has missiles and Israel has missiles. The Israel army recently test launched  a ballistic missile which has the capability of hitting targets in Iran–particularly,  nuclear facilities. Former Mossad chief describes discussions in the Israel Cabinet  about sending missiles to destroy Iranian  nuclear facilites as “foolish.” He noted the question that former President Bush never posed about the invasion of Iraq. “One has to      weigh  what will happen the day after.”

Yes, Israel can send missiles to Iran. Yes, Israel can destroy facilities as they did  back in the 1980s when Iraq’s nuclear center was destroyed. But, that was then, today is now. Iran also has missiles and when they hit Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, then what? Oh, I forgot, send more missiles.

If Iraq and Afghanistan have taught anything it is to be wary about sending missiles into foreign lands. Remember, the next day arrives.