Missing Box, Missing Frenchman

The story within a few years will either be a motion picture or a TV program–or even series. His name is Jean-Pierre Treiber and he was convicted and sentenced to prison for the brutal murder of a lesbian couple. One day in prison, he hid inside a cardboard box and had himself delivered to the outside world. Since then he has been on the loose hiding from dogs, heat-seeking equipment and up to 400 police officers on his tail or any part of his body. Treiber has been sending letters to newspapers claiming he is innocent and that he merely escaped in order to find the real killer. The police even staked out an oak tree carved with a heart that Treiber used as a “letter-box” to exchange letters with his girl friend. Physiclaly, Treiber is a wiry, dour-looking man with one damaged eye and prominent ears and he walks with the aid of a cane. Undoubtedly, these physical characteristics make it difficult to spot this man in a crowd.

Local villagers where he lived believe in their Robin Hood criminal. According to Jean-Paul Raphael, “he is a victim of a conspiracy. We know he is innocent.” Ah, the myth of the good thief lives on and on and all one has to do these days is utter the magic word, “conspiracy, and a host of allies will pop up.