I wish to apologize for my mistaken approach to the story of a plane that currently is missing and is somewhere in Asia or Russia or in Arizona. I failed to recognize underlying factors that really are in play. So, here is the real story:

Version I. A Sociological expedition from the planet Xul took possession and the entire plane is now in the hold of a space ship while Xulian scientists attempt to uncover the process of h9ow a human mind functions. Earth is the first planet containing supposed “intelligent” life which as rather bizarre explanations as to the process by which life develops and ideas regarding God are unusual. It is a process, not a being.

Version !!: Mossad agents kidnapped the plane as part of a joint operation with the CIA. Note the attempt to blame two Iranians for the disaster. Blame it on the Iranians is the new mantra.

Version III: Some teens were playing with their iPads when four adults were berserk and took over the plane and crashed it.

Version IV: Fox News was running out of crazy ideas about blaming Obama for disasters when they got the idea of creating their own disaster and blaming the wimp for not preventing the disaster.

Version V: Vladimir was feeling real high about Crimea which led him to think about taking over Malaysia. There was one Russian passenger which now allows Putin to send the Russian army to Malaysia in order to protect Russian citizens.