Yes my darling daughter the bad guys are now all gone. Yes, my darling daughter uncle Dick and uncle Don together with cousin George have removed the bad, bad people and peace reigns for the people of Iraq. Uncle George sent a whole bunch of soldiers to the place called, Iraq and under leadership of our cousin David Petraeus every single bad, bad person was sent to his room so that he could not disturb the people of the Iraq house. It is so quiet and peaceful in that house that no one remembers the sound of loud bombs blasting away. OK, so it is not as quiet as I thought, OK, so bombs blast away with the result that one day some Shiites die and the next day some Sunni die. As for the Christians, they have long since gone to another land far away from their Muslim cousins.

Yes, my daughter, Uncle George said MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and Mission Accomplished it is. I know that some make fun of Uncle George because each day bombs go off in market places and businesses and even in government buildings. Pay no attention, I checked with Fox News and they assure me: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!