Mission Unaccomplished In Iraq Is What I Meant-Bush

As the glory days of the spring of 2003 recede further into recesses of the past, President Bush wants America to know he was quite clear the war in Iraq at that point was merely the opening stages of a six year struggle to defeat terrorism. Yesterday, the White House wallowed in self pity by claiming George Bush paid an unfair price because some unknown individuals had placed a banner on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln saying: “Mission Accomplished.” His actual words that fateful day were: ‘Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. The battle of Iraq is one victory in a war on terror that began on September 11, 2001 and still goes on.”

As I recall, right wing pundits boasted that liberals who had denigrated the president were now eating crow because the brilliant military ideas of Secetary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had proven more correct than timid demands of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for more troops in order to ensure victory. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter were on a tear viciously ripping into liberals and the incompetent military who lacked the expertise of the Rumsfeld theory of fighting wars.

The White House is correct that media sources will mock Bush claims of that day and the poor president will have to suffer the outrageous stings of unfair criticism. As I recall, Bush and his pack of vicious dogs even mocked the patriotism of an American senator who had lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam. There is no question George Bush has always been honest, spoken clearly, and never questioned the integrity of those who opposed him. On that point, we can definitely say, “Mission Accomplished.”

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    So why did Dubya go to war?

    A. To enrich his pet dog, I mean loyal
    retainer VP FUtus of Borg

    B. To enrich his oil buddies

    C. To enrich war profiteering corporations

    D. To give his Cult the ritual human
    sacrifices, maiming and dismemberments
    they need to worship Satan

    E. To create another Shiite nation

    F. Dubya was a charter member of Numbnut Neo-Con Nimrods making the world safe for terrorism

    G. Dubya was a charter member of Numbnut Neo-con Nimrod Numbskull’s making the world safe for big oil.

    H. All of the above