Tonight, President Obama will inform the American people, that while there is no Mission Accomplished in Iraq, there is a Mission sort of concluded rather than accomplished. He will note that US forces are leaving Iraq and should all be gone–or at least most of them–by the end of 2011. They will leave behind gobs of trucks and other equipment as well as a government that still is in limbo despite having had an election six months ago that no one appears willing to say they won or lost. Let’s get this straight: there is no effective government in the country, there are dozens of people daily being killed by al-Qaeda, the Sunnis and Shiites hate one another and will not cooperate, but we have accomplished something– Saddam Hussein is no longer in charge of the country. Does one get the feeling that we will be going, but not really going or that we will be staying, but not exactly remaining?

He will also note the presence this week in Washington of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. They will meet and talk. Of course, they could just as readily sent transcripts of the last time they “talked.” The only certainty about Israel-Palestinian meetings is that NO MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.