Missionaries To Hell

There are times when one wonders what has happened to many people in this world who term themselves to be “Christian.” Here in America we enjoy the presence of millions whose ignorance about science or rationality has led to nutty ideas regarding the history of this planet or the need to walk around with guns for Christ. An Australian missionary who runs a publishing house in Hong Kong went on a vacation. Of all the places in this world which one is the nation that does not wish any and all Christians residing for a day or a week on their soil? One guess! Yes, Mr. John Short the short and tall of the matter is that if you are a Christian do NOT head for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea! This nut case went to Pyongyang and, most probably, handed out his pamphlets about Jesus Christ and found himself in jail. What else did he expect?

For some reason, the DPRK decided to allow this man of God to head back to Hong Kong. He did express some regrets: “I am willing to bow down on my knees to request the tolerance of the DPRK.” Well, he got the tolerance. Will you missionaries stay out of North Korea? I know some folk in rural Missouri who could use your pamphlets.