Missouri -Land Of Guns!

I’m from Missouri. I am from the land of guns, and for guns. We don’t mess around in the state of Missouri. You are hungry-grab a rifle and do some hunting instead of asking “the government” for  help. Jesus did not have health insurance, so why should you? Theater manager Bob Wilkins in Jefferson City-our state capital– hired some men to dress in black uniforms and carrying fake assault weapons to enter his movie theater and pretend to be gun men out for a few rounds of slaughtering folk. As Bob put it, “my job is to entertain” and in the state of Missouri we so love to entertain one another by shooting up animal folk.

John Molock, a veteran  who had served in the Middle East, was all shook up by the sight of a man with a gun in the theater–it brought  back bad memories. Pansy! Real men when they see a guy with a gun reach for their real gun and blast away! Just remember, that when in the state of Missouri, people are armed for the kill. Jesus had a gun, so why can’t I??