Missouri The Redneck State

I am a resident of the state of Missouri. I was not born here and when asked from whence I come, the reply is always–I am from New York City, but passing through Missouri for the past forty years. This state gave birth to Harry Truman, the president who integrated the armed forces and the man who took on Southern Democrats by supporting civil rights. If you meet someone from the St. Louis area the initial question on their mind is from which high school did you graduate. In other words, PROVINCIAL is the mindset of those from Missouri!

There are about forty Muslim families living in the city of Joplin, Missouri, which is located in the southwest part of the state. Last night, one of the CHRISTIANS burned down the mosque. The people of rural Missouri are devout Christians, heck, it was only a decade ago they finally allowed dancing on Friday night for high school students  in one rural city.

I am not shocked at news of the burning. I am never surprised at the narrow world view held by Missouri folk. Most think our president was born in Africa, most think he is a Muslim. I guess that is why the idiots burned down a mosque in Joplin, Missouri. Oh, I forgot, they were simply trying to defend the people of this state from Sharia Law!

If you are like me, just say you are from some other state than the state of Missouri, USA. Harry Truman is turning over in his grave.