Mistresses Of Priests Petition Pope For Help

Pope Benedict XVI received some interesting letters in his mail box today, they were missives sent by women who have been the lovers or mistresses of priests and they wanted help from the pontiff in order to have a happy marriage. As they undoubtedly point out to the pope, he opposes gay and lesbian relationships and has called for men and women to enjoy the sanctity of being married. Their letters describe relationships with priests that entail love and sexual encounters which they believe can become the basis for a happy marriage that is not tainted by anything such thing as gay or lesbian relationships. The open letter by forty such women argues that a priest “needs to live with his fellow human beings, experience feelings, and be loved” just like any other man. The authors of the letter decided to come out in the open as an affirmation of the “holiness of something that is not holy,” but a man-made rule. They could also note priests in the early days of Christianity married and those who follow the eastern Catholic rites have married priests.

One signatory, Stefania Solonome, had a five year platonic relationship with a priest, but another one who signed the letter, Antonella Carisio says she had an affair with a Brazilian priest who frequently slept in her house. When their relationship was discovered by another priest he was transferred, but not before giving her an engagement ring.

Married priests at least do not create problems posed by gay priests.

  • Anne

    I do believe that priests should be allowed to marry; it definitely would enhance their ministry.
    Being an ex-religious sister, I’m a firm believer in “walking in the shoes,” of those they serve. A priest’s life is not the reality life; their problems and worries are not those of the ones they serve.
    The do not have to worry about food, a job, when they are sick, no money is being lost for that day of work. Those they minister to have these problems of every day life. A priest’s words of comfort are not “walking in the shoes.”
    They know life’s experiences from the “head” and not from the “heart.”
    After leaving religious life my eyes were wide opened to its reality and I vowed too God that I would not speak of anything unless I have experienced it–I have broken that only twice in 36 years.
    Thank you for allowing me to comment, from the heart.