Mitch And Cheri Believe In Family Values

The Republican entourage which crowds the podium of those seeking to become the candidate who will send Barack Obama back to
Africa may soon become even more crowded with the arrival of Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana. His wife, Cheri Daniels gave a keynote speech at a recent Indiana fund raising banquet. Cheri spoke about Halloween costumes, milking cows and names of sport mascots, three of the more critical issues facing the nation. Cheri is a firm believer in Family Values, that is Republican style Family Values. In 1993, after being married to Mitch, she had an affair with another man, left hubby, spent four years enjoying life, and then in 19977 returned home to Mitch. I realize liberals lack respect for Christian Family Values, but her departure and return is simply an example of ditching one’s spouse in order to return to one’s spouse. There is no doubt Mitch welcomed back a wife who is conversant in key issues confronting Americans such as what to do on Halloween and the intricacies of milking cows.

My deepest concern for the Republican party is they now possess three outstanding leaders whose names are Newt, Mitt, and Mitch. If there was only some way all three could appear on the presidential ticket, it is doubtful if African born Barack could match, Newt, Mitt and Mitch.

Then again, that African dude has been married to the same wife. Alas, how can Barack and Michelle compare to three time married Newt and divorced Mitch?