Mitch, Mike, Donald Won’t Run, So What?

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana, who has gained fame as a fiscal conservative, has decided to echo the words of Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee, and not run for the presidency of the USA. Some Republicans might interpret his announcement as a serious blow to winning the presidency next year, but they might be jumping the gun on losing the race. For example

1. We still have Sarah Palin whose breadth of grasp concerning issues of global warming, the Middle East, and energy issues is literally unsurpassed by any other candidate–Democrat or Republican. And NO one has her ability to gaze across the Bering Strait and see Russia on the other side. How many Republican candidates even know that Russia is directly across from Alaska?

2. We still have Michel Bachmann who knows more about serving tea at parties than any other candidate. She knows there is such a thing as a globe, she knows there is warm and cold weather, so who can match her understanding of global weather change? She loves children, she has not been charged with adultery–at least not up to now–she has not slept with her maid or butler or anyone who works in her home. OK, so smarty pants Obama went to Harvard, but does he know how to make meatloaf?

3. Rudy Giuliani is waiting in the wings for a summons to power. After all, he save America on 9/11. He bravely walked the streets of New York City only accompanied by 50 policemen even though there were thousands of Muslim terrorists waiting to kill him. He was for abortion before figuring out he was not, he was for gun control until someone had him add up votes of gun lovers, and he was for gay marriage until he became sad at the thought of losing conservatives.

4. Of course, we always have Honest Joe Smith, the typical American who works with his hands, drinks beer on Saturday night, flirts a bit with the waitress and believes in God when he is sober. And, he CAN shoot!

5. Of course, there is always Mitt who has money, money, and money. Ask him an opinion on any topic and he will be able to provide at least three reasons he should be for or against the issue.