Mitt Admits Being A Mormon!!

This may come as a shock to readers but Mitt Romney will make clear to the nation and the world that he really is a Mormon. In fact, he will show his birth certificate which proves that he was born in America and that his family has been and will  be Mormons! In fact, he is asking a Mormon bishop to give the invocation at the Republican convention. I trust this act of bravery will prove to doubters that Mitt Romney has courage, Mitt Romney is willing to take a risk and admit being a member of the Mormon church!

I have been told by reliable sources that not only will Mitt admit being a Mormon, but he will admit his wife is a member of the Muslim religion. If Barack Obama can get the Muslim vote why can’t Mitt do the same?

Flash! We have just received a report that one of Mitt’s sons will convert to the Jewish religion and go to Israel to fight against terrorists!

And, opponents claim that Mitt will never take a stand!