Mitt And Empty Chair

I recently conducted a dialogue with my chair.

F:  So, tell me Mitt, what exactly do you think about the Iraq War?

M:  Obama withdrew our troops without making certain there would be no violence.

F:  So, I gather you opposed the Iraq War?

M:  I support our troops, I believe the US has the greatest army in the world. It is through our wars that we have achieved peace in the world.

F:  Many people were surprised that you made no mention of Afghanistan in your speech.

M:  It goes without question that I support our brave men and women in Afghanistan. I also remain shocked that President Obama could initiate such a war and not see it through.

F:  But, the war began in 2001 under President Bush.

M:  Sir, I do not believe you are correct. President George Bush left office in 1992.

F:  I meant the other Bush.

M:  There you go again, smearing a great American. President Obama has told our enemies that we are leaving Afghanistan, he is guilty of murdering American soldiers!

F:  So, you prefer remaining in Afghanistan.

M:  If I am elected, the war in Afghanistan will end with an American victory. I do not intend to reveal my secret plan to end the war.