Mitt And Rick Mitt It Out

After listening to the last debate in Arizona among Republican candidates  for president it is quite clear the key issues facing American society are: preventing women from having access to birth control, who got the most or least earmarks for their state, is Barack Obama really a  Christian and was he born here,and does Mitt  Romney sweat when in a discussion? There us no doubt these men– women do not have any role in deciding issues related to their lives,–just find a panel of old men dressed in business suits for that task.

There is something rather sad about the s0-called “debates.” Each session eventually concludes in one person on the panel  getting the hell beat our of him by other panel members. Of course, next week it is another person’s role to be the villain. One thing is clear-the  Republican party has come a  long, long, way from the days of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.