Mitt Arrives For Inauguration

Mitt Romney’s  dream was to be in Washington D.C. in January in order to attend an inauguration that would result in him being among the most important people in the world. The little boy’s dream did turn out and his  fairy tale of success became a reality. Mitt was invited to be in the nation’s capitol on January 21 by some black dude, but the Mitt man just did not think it was OK to share the limelight with some Socialist radical who was born in Africa. Mitt preferred being at the inauguration that was planned by hotel magnet Bill Marriott since one would have to be among the top 53% of real Americans to get in the door.

Tonight, Mitt will be inaugurated by an assembly of white folk millionaires who represent all that is true and blue and red in America. Sorry, Barack, you are not invited to the Mitt Romney inauguration for losers. OK, he lost the election but he is always first in the hearts of the American millionaire class!