Mitt Becomes Sarah Or Michele!

There is one thing that can be said about the candidacy of Mitt  Romney for the presidency of this nation–he will adopt the opposite view if that leads to more votes. One day Mitt is for health care that enables all citizens to access it, the next day Mitt can not support the ideas of Mitt who has now been transformed into a Communist Socialist seeking to undermine our society. A few months ago, Mitt favored the Obama plan to cut payroll taxes, but he shortly met Republicans who deem the idea of agreeing with anything spoken or done by Obama was wrong. So, Mitt now opposes what he suppported.

If flip flop was a virtue, Mitt would be a saint in heaven. He ran for governor as a moderate Republican who was pro-choice, support civil unions for  gays and lesbians and believed there was an environmental crisis on this planet. Today, he believes anyone who supports what he supported should be supported on his way to the nearest psychiatric hospital.

If only Barack Obama would say: “the sky is blue and the sun comes out during the day.” I am certain Mitt would blast away at such wild liberal thinking. The only thing that Mitt is consistent about is being inconsistent.