Mitt Feels Your Pain

Mitt wears jeans these days with rolled up sleeves in order to make clear to those without money or those who have lost jobs he is simply one of the disaffected masses in the United States of America. He told a crowd of his horror concerning the decline of the middle class and presence of low paying jobs. Mitt promised if elected president he would cut taxes in order to create high paying jobs.

Mitt is a man of the people. OK, so he just built an elevator in his home for his cars, doesn’t everyone have such a thing in their home? OK, so we have the lowest taxes in 75 years, if only we reduce taxes, businessmen will get off their butts and hire millions. OK, so business has $2 Trillion in their coffers, is that enough to get by these days? Mitt feels the  pain of those without work, that’s why he wants to cut food stamp allocations. Once people lack access to food they will lose weight and deal with the obesity problem in this nation. Mitt is a pound reducer as well as a job reducer.

Elect Mitt and watch the end of the American obesity problem!