Mitt For Jobs, Not For Illegals!

Mitt Romney is upset. President Obama announced new regulations that allow illegal children who arrived in the United States prior to age 16 to obtain their education and apply for citizenship. Mitt charges the president with “changing the subject.” According to Mitt, the former governor of a state that never had large increases in jobs during his administration is a “job creator.” He wants America to know: “I want to create more good jobs for Americans.”

Yes, he does. Step one is to fire about a million teachers, firemen, policemen, inspectors checking on pollution, etc.. Step two is lowering taxes on the wealth who are job creators. Of course, current tax rates are the lowest in 75 years, but what the heck, once you hit zero in taxes they will be happy. Once wealthy folk are happy, they will hire nannies, maids, purchase new yachts and expensive cars. This will get the economy back in full throttle.