Mitt For Mass Deportation

There are those who willingly sell souls to the Devil in order to get something desired. Of course, the Devil can be rather devilish and grant a wish which may result in the exact opposite desire becoming reality. Kris Kobach has been advising the Romney team concerning legislation about illegal immigrants. He urges making the legal environment so harsh that undocumented aliens will choose to depart of their own volition.

“I have advised Romney directly and his close team around him that attrition through enforcement has been working, that self deportation has been observed in Arizona and Alabama and this really does need to be part of our national effort. Of course, a major problem in Alabama is inability by farmers to secure farm workers to pick crops. Hundreds of millions of dollars may be lost due to rotting fields of fruit and vegetables.

My question to Mr. Kobach: “If five million aliens leave tomorrow that means five million fewer cartoons of milk sold, five million fewer eggs purchased, and so on and so on, so how do American businesspeople and workers benefit?”