Mitt Gaffe

The election process is upon us and each day pundits, media,and assorted lobbyists vie to catch either one of the two main candidates in some sort of gaffe. Fox News went wild when President Obama said the private sector was doing OK compared to serious cutbacks in public employees. From that Fox News assumed Obama was claiming the economy was doing fine. Mitt fired a salvo at Barack charging he failed to understand the Wisconsin vote which was against more government employees.  His remarks led to the gaffe that we did not need more teachers, firefighters or policemen.

Naturally, impartial Fox News had to come to the defense of Mitt who told them all he meant was that people were against more federal employees and that these groups were hired with local and state funds. Naturally, this led to another gaffe since many teachers are paid via federal money. Of course, under President Clinton massive federal money was allocated to local government to hire policemen.