Mitt Has A Tan!

Mitt Romney has decided to seek out the Hispanic vote by becoming one of them.  He appeared at a TV show, Conozaca a lost Canidatos, which allowed both Obama and his Republican opponent to present their ideas to Latinos. Mitt insisted that he be allowed to bring in his own supporters so that Latinos would cheer his comments about life and policy. He had a very tan look in order to come across as “one of you.” Perhaps, Mitt has finally hit upon a winning strategy, become who you are not.

1. How about appearing on skid row dressed like a poor person?

2. How about presenting yourself with a bulging stomach in order to attract the women’s vote?

3. I can just see Mitt in a miner’s outfit emerging from the mines.

4. Or, how about being the waiter at one of your fund raisers for wealthy folk??