Mitt Has Bush In Hand

Former President George H.W. Bush told the world he was  backing Mitt Romney because “I think Romney is the best choice.” He went on to say “I like Rick Perry, but he doesn’t  seem to be going anywhere.” OK, George, anyone who thinks idiot boy Rick Perry is qualified to become president of this nation certainly is not going to win over many by stating any other choice. It was noteworthy the first George made clear when asked about Newt Gingrich, “I’m not his biggest advocate.” I think he speaks from personal political experiences with the serial adulterer.

There is something strange about the current Republican race. It comes down to which one of the empty headed people is the least empty headed. To state one likes a candidate without being able to specify why leaves Americans with less than hope in your choice.

Then again, George H.W. Bush thought that George Bush was a great choice for president. Perhaps, it is a case of like father like son.