Mitt In Disneyland

New photos have emerged showing Mitt Romney with his family at Disneyland. These pictures depict a man who loves going on roller coaster rides and eating ice cream and talking with the folk who wander Disneyland streets. It is not just Mitt being shown, but an average Joe American, not some fat cat plutocrat. If only Mitt had:

1. Been shown eating a hot dog at Nathan’s in Coney Island.

2. Been shown going into a church on Sunday morning.

3. Been shown playing stickball on a Harlem street with a bunch of black kids.

4. Been shown  working in a field of corn like a real farmer.

5. Been shown withdrawing money from a bank teller like most folks do.

6.Been shown catching a robber with gun in hand.

7. Been shown on Oprah.

8. Been shown as the waiter at a party for bankers.

9. Been shown caught with a  prostitute.

10. Been shown dressed in combat outfit going into battle in Afghanistan!